So, Who Was I?

Posted: May 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, where to begin? I’m not too familiar with how the process of assessing one’s previous identity works but I can make bold assumptions based on my present character. For instance, in the last post you learned that I am all about the arts and that you can never trust Blogger because it is pure, unadulterated evil. But what you don’t know (or already do if you’ve met me) is that my body is uncommon of a Lebanese girl. I am 6’0″ (that’s 180 cm for us metric peeps) and no I will NOT share my weight for private, self-esteem shattering reasons. I am both tomboyish in appearance as well as personality. Bright, phosphorous nail polish just doesn’t make me smile the way it used to…which it never did. I’ve always wanted to hack my long hair off but I had this sneaking suspicion that my homophobic mother would accuse me of lesbianism and toss me out the front door even though I’m twice her size and the act of actually tossing me would be physically impossible on her part.
So in conclusion, I like dressing less like a girl (that’s a euphemism, kids. I just didn’t want to say, “I like dressing like a man”). I have a voice that tricks most people into believing I’m a 14-15 year-old male. I am taller than the average Lebanese girl with a wider frame, not to mention broad and often intimidating shoulders. Combine this with my current heterosexual attitude and the fact that I admire the Victorian Era (which means I couldn’t have possibly been a woman) and what do you get?
I was a homosexual male artist living in 19th century England. Hm, maybe I was Oscar Wilde.

…I like to think I was a little sexier than that though.

– The Sandman


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