What’s Next? Reincarnation in Physics, That’s What.

Posted: May 27, 2010 in Uncategorized
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So, we’ve established that my former self must have been a James in one of the following formats:
1) James Something Something
2) Something James Something
3) Something Something James

And to avoid calling my former self a “former self” mostly because I’m way too lazy to keep typing that, James will do for now.

So what’s next? Well, I thought it would be entirely selfish of me to lead you into the dark like this. Many of you probably don’t believe in reincarnation or find no reason to and that’s fine. I, myself, am having some difficulty solidifying my own views. Moderation with a topic as controversial as this is prudent, not only to preserve one’s own clear perspective but to avoid becoming an evangelist of reincarnation. I wouldn’t want to go about over-zealously preaching ideas I don’t fully comprehend myself at the moment.
But I have found one method to explain reincarnation and that is through physics, surprisingly, considering my powerful hatred towards all things physics/science/mathematics (hey, I never said James was a renaissance man). My old teacher and very good friend, Mr. Amin Abou-Ibrahim explained some aspects of reincarnation in terms of physics which at that point, I hadn’t thought was possible. He had this to say:

“Anyone who is fond of physics knows “The Law of Conservation of Energy”. Our soul is energy. It needs a material body to reside in. When this material body falls apart the soul leaves the body and since it is energy, it is bound to the Law of Conservation of Energy. So it is never lost; it passes from one form to another.”

Great. That explains the soul-hopping concept of reincarnation but what about morality? Why is being good/bad so very important if, when we are dead, we’re not to be ushered to the pearly gates of Heaven or suffer in the fiery depths of Hell? According to Mr. Amin and several others with similar beliefs, a person who is more acquainted with his/her soul possesses higher levels of energy than a person who does not even acknowledge the existence of his/her soul or spirit. In other words, those who meditate and focus more on matters of the mind rather than the body are therefore closer to and rewarded by God (an energy field, in scientific terms). Those who succumb to their physical desires (such as sex, clothes, et cetera) are at a greater disadvantage.
Please, keep in mind that these are extreme cases. Physical desires are perfectly natural and are not “evil” as the exaggerated message of some religions put it. Plato was one extreme case, claiming that in order to achieve higher knowledge of the Forms (Goodness), one must abandon all physical pleasures and focus solely on enhancing mind and soul. Frankly, that kind of lifestyle sounds effing boring. We live in the freakin’ physical world, the least we can do is enjoy the pleasures that come along with it. However, taken to an extreme, said desires and pleasures can be pretty harmful. Anything taken to a far extreme is unhealthy, including religion. Especially religion (watch Carrie and you’ll see what I mean). Moderation can be successfully applied to everything but if you manage to find some situation that justifies extremeness, then by all means leave a comment. I would love to hear what you have to say.

This discussion will continue in the next post. I would appreciate it if you shared an opinion. =]

– The Sandman/Possibly former-James

  1. Wajeb says:

    You’ve managed to capture my interest by quoting my favorite teacher πŸ™‚
    Keep this up and I might actually start believeing (and yes I’m a Dirzy that doesn’t believe in reincarnation-yet!)

  2. Amin A.I. says:

    Thank you Sandy for the quote.
    I just want to clarify one thing just for the sake of accuracy.
    Energy levels are not emitted, they are possessed. A person who focuses more on the mind possesses higher energy levels and is closer to God.
    And concerning Wajeb, I’m sure you will believe eventually … just follow this blog.

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