Reasonable Arguments Against Reincarnation Possibly Countered.

Posted: May 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

Instead of having to deal with the rantings of a psychotic Bible muncher, let’s take a second to debunk reincarnation reasonably. I’ve read some pretty convincing arguments against this theory and I decided it would be alright to post a few and see what you think: (A: Argument; CA: Counter Argument)

A: There is no evidence of the “soul” even existing.
CA: Well, there is no real evidence that supports the “soul’s” nonexistence either. Why should one argument be far more dominant over the other?

A: The population has increased dramatically over a set period of time. So, are some people being born without souls?
CA: This one is a bit tricky but the problem lies in the fact that the people who use this particular argument to debunk reincarnation tend to ignore the philosophies of those who DO believe in reincarnation and therefore forget that human beings are not the only life-forms in the universe that possess energy/souls. When a human dies, the soul can enter any living creature in the universe and so a balance is possibly maintained (according to some in favor of reincarnation; there are different perspectives).

A: What is the “evolutionary advantage” of reincarnation?
CA: Whoever said anything about reincarnation contributing to evolution? In the words of Amin Abou-Ibrahim, “it is simply an act of nature” and does not constitute a part of evolution.

A: What’s the purpose of reincarnation if people don’t remember who they were in their past lives?
CA: What’s the point of believing in God if we’ve never seen Him? Alright, that was a low blow but there is some truth in it. In all seriousness though, what’s the point of remembering all the creatures you were in your past life? Some of us can’t even remember what we had for dinner last night much less who we were in the past. Time tends to be harsh on the memory but we still remember bits and pieces of the past. Why is it so hard to believe that some momentous events can be imprinted and remembered later on in the next life?

A: “Hebrews 9:27
Just as man is destined to die once and after that to face judgment.” The Bible says reincarnation doesn’t exist.
CA: NEVER USE RELIGION TO DISCREDIT A PHILOSOPHICAL THEORY. The Bible is not the answer to everything just as Science has its limitations. Reincarnation cannot be disproved and I admit, it cannot be entirely proved either. But the same goes for religion. Don’t use a subject of Faith in a matter-of-fact manner. You’ll end up looking like the person I verbally bashed in the last post.

I read somewhere that some really messed up extremists (possibly on ‘shrooms) think God put dinosaur bones into the earth to test our Faith. All I can say is that if God exists, I’m certain a being as omnipotent as He would not use that all-encompassing power of His to pull practical jokes on the human race. -.-

"Ha.Ha. Very funny, God. Ya got me"

We’re just going to have to put a big question mark on the whole religion/science clash and say that we have to stop trying to prove/disprove everything like we’re the smartest beings ever. Some things are just way beyond our comprehension.
I can’t prove that I was “James” in the past, sure. But you can’t prove that I wasn’t, so HA HA!

Stay awesome, readers.

– The  Sandman.

P.S. Would it hurt to leave a comment or two? I need the motivation. <=[

  1. Brandon says:

    I think the first argument makes the most sense. I once wrote a paper regarding metaphysics, and i strongly believe that if we cannot prove something, it is really a waste of time to have arguments about it, otherwise we will just be looking for ways to disprove the opposing opinion.
    And as for the dinosaurs, I heard it was the work of Satan, trying to recruit more non-believers.
    Keep writing Sandy, and I’ll help gain more support=]

  2. thesandman16 says:

    Haha, surprisingly, the Satan one makes more sense than the God excuse but I actually did read it somewhere. It was insane. Gave me a good laugh though. And yeah, I agree that if you can’t prove it, then it’s a waste of time trying to disprove everything else. =P But people are stubborn and stupid. Oh, well. What can you do?

    Thanks a lot for reading and commenting, Brando. I really appreciate it. =]

  3. Hanan says:

    Hey, I’m a friend of Brandon’s and he told me to read some of your stuff. I wanted to say your posts are very intriguing and for an 18 year old your level of thinking is pretty advanced. You’ve definitely been spending more time on thinking than most other people your age -.- Something about your posts triggered the whole concept of reincarnation in my mind, not that I haven’t thought about it before, but somehow you made me really consider it.

    By the way, I love your style of writing, it’s pretty catchy and makes the reader feel involved 😛 Keep writing because I’m pretty sure lots of people would love to read this if they ever come across it 🙂

    • thesandman16 says:

      Thanks a lot for the lovely comment! I’m glad I am able to make people feel involved even if they don’t believe in reincarnation. I would definitely enjoy reading the opinions of others and so I encourage them to share their thoughts on the matter. No one is right or wrong about anything!
      Thank you for sharing your opinion. =] Hopefully others will be as encouraging as you when it comes to my blog.


  4. tofy says:

    Lovely bashing and building there honey. im actually more interested in pursuing the thought now and as an ex-dirzi i have 2 say i DO believe in re-incarnation, simply because the idea seems fun, and heaven and hell seem like eternal boring places… i wouldn’t wana wind up grilled or listening 2 harps forever…

  5. Amin A.I. says:

    If you ask a master in transcendental meditation about your soul, his answer will be “energy”.
    It is the ultimate fact.
    Q: Why is that sometimes you feel that a certain person is so repulsive and you cannot withstand being with him/her in the same place, whereas sometimes you see a person and you talk to him/her for the first time as if you knew him for a long time ago?

    • thesandman16 says:

      Very good question. In fact, in my personal life (and I have witnesses) when I meet someone my friends consider alright, I have a very dark suspicion about that person and therefore do my best to keep that person at arm’s length. Or 5 arms, for that matter. Eventually, that person ends up doing something horrible to one my friends and I’m the one who has to stand there and say, “I told you so!” (As if I don’t enjoy doing that. =P)

      Q: Why is it that some people are obsessed with certain locations for no reason? Why is it that some people are more familiar with said loved destinations they’ve visited only once as opposed to people who actually live there?

  6. Amin A.I. says:

    I see where you’re getting at. My answer would be simply: maybe they have lived there in their past life!
    Back to my question:
    A person has a certain aura of energy. Some people are able to sense other people’s energy. Negative energy tends to be repulsive and positive energy tends to be attractive. And just for the record: cats and dogs possess this ability!
    You get along with a person if you are tuned to his/her frequency. Some people think alike or get along pretty easily because they have the same frequency (energy) of thoughts.

  7. Brandon says:

    Yeah Sandy, I’ve gone through the exact same thing plenty of times, and boy is it fun to rub in the fact that you knew it from the start. But couldn’t that be something that we acquire as we grow up in our current lives? I know that in my case I was not always the way I am now, in fact, I was the complete opposite. I changed as I grew older and became fond of the regular actions of people.

    As for your question, I know I would die to visit Wales, Iceland, England…and a few other European countries. I also love Norse mythology. As far as i know all of these places were raided by the vikings whom which believed in Norse mythology. I also love viking music. I can’t explain this of course, but i guess there is some sort of unexplainable feelings and desires we are born with, that could be seen as proof of reincarnation.

    Sorry if this doesn’t really make sense or has bad structure, keep in mind its 3 am, and now i sleep, so goodnight.

  8. Ihsan says:

    >=] i like this blog!

    i dont want to admit it, but i think im one of those people you bashed earlier…. its simply an easier way to argue :P! ahaha <33 love you my non-extremist Sandman.

  9. Omar says:

    I love the pic tag xD

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