Are Repetition And Reincarnation Related?

Posted: June 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

If you’re thinking, “well, they both sound pretty similar!” then you’re a douchebag…’cause that was my idea. Just kidding. You’re still a douchebag.

I was watching something on the “incredible” history of the human race (we sure do love to kiss our own ass) and how far mankind has come in terms of technology and all that other crap that makes us oh-so superior to other species…like opposable thumbs [seriously?!]. But if you’ve read John Gray’s Straw Dogs, you’ll get a clear, blow-for-blow explanation as to why some people claim Human Progression is an illusion brought about by Christianity. Basically, we humans have a tendency to repeat the mistakes of the past over and over and over and over and over again and now with advanced technology at our side, we can f@!# up the future in a multitude of ways!

The view from Mars.

Aside from the fact that the Earth will become nothing but a big shitty hand-me-down (give or take a few decades), one theory to explain the recurrent retardation of humanity would be — yep, ya guessed it — reincarnation. Maybe, psychologically, we’re inclined to repeat the same mistakes for some weird reason but I won’t go into that debate. We don’t want to assume that reincarnation is 100% the reason we’re stupid either but let’s just think hypothetically. If souls [from the past/present] are truly incarnated time and time again over long periods of time then maybe repetition is inevitable despite our hardest efforts to change for the better. Jesus, that makes me wonder where Hitler’s soul ended up…

"I like to shed on the Jews that bought me."

It’s just a theory and by all means, I encourage the readers of this blog to give me an alternative theory that would support your respective arguments for the repetition of past mistakes. To conclude this post, I’ll leave you with a little quote:

“Reincarnation implies repetition, and it is a hideous distortion of life’s fear of change.”

Keep those comments coming in. I wanna see some more opinions.

– The Sandman

  1. Random Person says:

    Hahahaha, The View from Mars. xD
    That theory does seem plausible; that souls unconsciously repeat their experiences in different bodies during different time periods. It sounds sensible but of course, as you said, not everything is 100%. I like how you keep mentioning that haha. Making sure no one hassles you about it, huh? Good job.

    Keep writing, Sandy. I enjoy reading. You give me a good laugh and something to think about.

  2. thesandman16 says:

    By the way, the resemblance between Hitler and that cat is uncanny…I can’t stop comparing the two…lmao, mustache AND hair brushed to the side.

  3. Random Person says:

    Haha, I know. Remarkable.

  4. Omar says:

    lol i love the Hitler cat :]
    and i like ur argument
    but although i’m pro-reincarnation, there is also the chance that history repeating itself is simply cuz of coincidence or just a common human psychological pattern…
    u should write a blog about that thing i told you about…the soul, spirit, body, etc

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