I Can’t Take it Anymore!

Posted: June 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Okay, so here’s the thing. I’m persistent with my search for arguments against reincarnation. Really, I love a good debunking as much as the next person with too much free time on her hands but the problem with my over-ambitious little endeavor  is that every time I think I have found a reasonable and sane argument against REINCARNATION –SUPPOSEDLY THE MAIN TOPIC OF THE ARGUMENT– the page ALWAYS ends with Jesus’s suffering for our foul sins. I just can’t take it anymore!


This person is not as extreme as the Jesus groupie I mentioned in “What the Frig?” but that just annoys me even more. How he started out completely rational and neutral then shoved a fistful of guilt down my throat until I cried blood tears and repented for all my sins against God. I’m not even Christian for Chri-..err…Muhammad’s sake.

I’ve realized lately that my posts have not been as deep as they once were. I’d like to apologize for that and assure you that my in my next few posts, I will continue to explore reincarnation and karma as best I can but I am going to need your help. I don’t want to endlessly write about shit you won’t end up caring about. Don’t you people have questions? Topic ideas? Areas I should explore for your benefit and not just your entertainment? A lack of comments expressing your ideas and opinions is what I feel is sort of killing the blog. I need you to get in on discussions, arguments, etc and show me that you do/do not agree with what I have to say.

I’d like to thank Wajeb, Amin Abou-Ibrahim, Brandon, Omar, Tofy, Ihsan and Random Person for expressing opinions and for publicly exhibiting interest in the blog. Who Were We Anyway? couldn’t have made it this far without you. =]
And Lama for telling me about WordPress when I was ready to throw my laptop against a wall in a fit of seething rage. ❤

Sadly, I’m going to have to boycott posts until I get a response. I want some discussion topics, people! Get on it!

– The Sandman

  1. Wajeb says:

    Hey sorry for not commenting lately, but to be honest, the thing that made me less interested in the blog is the fact that you went from exploring reincarnation to trying to prove its critics wrong (or irrational) and that’s not what I’m looking for (personally spealing and maybe some of the others would agree).
    Proving or disproving reincarnation is impossible and you’ve mentioned that but it’s better if you stick to arguements in favour, and as for the fact that you’ve yet to find rational arguements against MIGHT be due to the non-existence of these arguements and also might be cuz you haven’t searched in the right places.
    Anyway I was asking my friend this question the other day:
    “If reincarnation is true, then the same souls are getting the chance to experience this world over and over, and no new souls are getting that chance. So what makes these souls so special that they get that right?”
    (and im talking about the trillion or so souls of people, animals, (aliens and plants??) and whatever else has a soul)

    • thesandman16 says:

      Thank you for your honesty, Wajeb. It’s exactly what I needed. Just some constructive criticism. I need the readers to get me back on track.
      I’ll get to work on your question in the next post. =]

      Thanks again!

      – Sandy.

  2. tofy says:

    glad 2 help… new discussion topic: Does the presence of aliens affect re-incarnation? example: maybe the world is becoming more populated, and not all people are showing signs of past lives is because they were aliens in a past life! get on it ramleeyi!

  3. tofy says:

    awww sandy ❤
    next time i see u i'll tell u more about the spirit and soul thing so u can make a blog about it
    btw, i'm still waiting for that blog about us :]
    the dante gabriel thing, my hair, etc

  4. Omar says:

    shit, i wrote the previous post, but i used the same computer :]
    forgot to change the name lol

  5. Ihsan says:

    Well, personally, “random person” and I were having this pretty interesting debate online not too long ago, about the existence of right and wrong and how “random person” thinks that they’re just barriers put up by societies to keep humanity in check. Where as I think that they’re pretty reasonable boundaries that we would have set up whether society had already put them there or not.

    By the way, thank YOU for being exactly who you are, and writing these blogs. We all love you for that.

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