So, Physics. We Meet Again.

Posted: June 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

Thanks a lot for giving me a few ideas, guys. I’m going to move forward in order of those who replied, starting with Wajeb!

For those who did not read Wajeb’s question in the last post, here it is:
“I was asking my friend this question the other day:
“If reincarnation is true, then the same souls are getting the chance to experience this world over and over, and no new souls are getting that chance. So what makes these souls so special that they get that right?”
(and im talking about the trillion or so souls of people, animals, (aliens and plants??) and whatever else has a soul)”

Since you’re fond of physics, Wajeb, and since Mr. Amin is not around for questioning at the moment, I’m going to go ahead and attempt to give you a possible reason for this by adopting a physical perspective. Please forgive me if I get anything wrong; I don’t really like physics…or it just doesn’t like me.
So, we already know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed and therefore there would have to be a certain amount of energy (human souls, in this case) in the universe. So are new souls being created? I can’t say for sure but according to reincarnation in this light, we’re assuming no new souls are being created. It would pretty much be the same energy now as it was a century ago, for instance.
When I discussed the Law of Conservation of Energy in “What’s Next? Reincarnation in Physics, That’s What”, Mr. Amin and I made it clear that energy needs a functional material body to reside in and that once this body deteriorates, the energy/soul/spirit moves on to another unoccupied body (newborn infant). Whether this energy has the capacity to change during the time it spent in the absence of a body is not something I can be certain of but hypothetically speaking, if it did then that would explain why most people have trouble remembering their past lives. I don’t mean to oversimplify this very complex process but for the sake of clear understanding, let’s demonstrate the cycle of possible remembrance of one’s past life with a plausible illustration:

Energy (from a previous body; not subjected to change) incarnates into a newborn host ==> child/teen retains memories from past life ==> adult is capable of reconciling past life memories from present life experiences ==> the body expires and dies; the energy (soul) removes itself from the dead host ==> energy is now in between bodies and during this time, undergoes change ==> energy (from previous body; subjected to change) incarnates into a newborn host ==> child/teen does not remember past life well/at all ==> et cetera.

That’s one theory to explain why the vast majority of people do not remember past experiences but other people believe that a horrible death (violent car accidents, victims of war, and so on) is what is responsible for leaving an impression on the soul which it carries to the next body. We can never be sure but you can decide which one bodes well with you.

So it’s not a matter of one or a group of souls being special, it’s just a matter of nature and the laws of physics.

Hope this was helpful to you, Wajeb! If there’s anything else you wish to know, don’t hesitate to ask.

My next post will be dedicated to Tofy’s question. =]

– The Sandman

P.S. If you wish to read further into different theories of reincarnation in physics, here is the link to a site I found rather intriguing. Should be helpful.

  1. Wajeb says:

    Yess physics is how you’ve got my interest in the first place and it’s how you gained it back 😀
    and yes that gives me an answer to my question for now thank you (:
    I”ll be sure to tell you if I have any more!
    oh and btw I knew you weren’t into boycotting really, you just needed attention 😛

  2. Random Person says:

    This post clarifies a lot actually. I noticed that most of the stories I hear about reincarnation involve someone who’s died a horrible death and has come back with the ability to identify many features familiar to his or her past surroundings.
    The energy theory also makes sense — in fact, it’s a bit more practical than the “horrible death” theory.

    Good work, Sandman.

    No need to throw tantrums. I never lost interest. Physics is but only one way to achieve knowledge. Keep it up.

    By the way, love the new theme. Much better than the old one.

  3. tofy says:

    Interesting theory, i must say im almost hooked on ur blog, and i always DID wonder why some souls are considered new, while some r old… good job tackling it. =]

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