Dear Readers,

Posted: June 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

I am taking a short leave of absence. Summer courses are ahead of me and I’m afraid it’s imperative that I focus on my studies. I’ll do my best to write a post every now and again. Also, it gives me some time to gather my thoughts.

Have a great summer everybody. Congratulations to those who graduated this year, especially ISC graduates. Hope to see you all in AUB in the fall.

– The Sandman

  1. Ihsan says:

    hey sandman, i had an awesome time with you, bob and omar over the weekend. thank you soooo much for your amazing help. im not sure whether i thanked you or not. i hope you do well in your summer courses. im off to california tomorrow morning wish me luck with my 13 hour flight followed by a 5-6 hour flight and a 4hour drive :S hell on earth! i just wanted to tell you how much you guys all mean to me, (including you gabe <3) because i dont think i'll be online in a while. love you guys and take care.

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