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Hello, potential or already up-to-speed-on-my-life reader.

Sandy’s the name and reincarnation is my game and as long we’re rhyming, that intro was terribly lame. =D

Seriously though, I would prefer it if you knew me as the Sandman (not the mythical Sandman, ’cause I don’t do eye crust) because I’m just cool like that.
I’ve always wanted to be a novelist but lately I’ve been getting into the spirit of writing humor columns. Either way, my future is not a lucrative one but what can I say? I’m a pureĀ ritualist.

What interests me? Hmm, well, I like to sketch, paint, read, write, play piano, listen to classical music and ridicule almost anything impractical on this ‘ere blog.
Recently, I’ve discovered a newfound interest in the subject of reincarnation and have decided to share my learning experience with the e-world! Past-life regression ensues! YES, I want to get a glimpse of who I was before I shoved into this life.
You may think I’m insane or just dreaming.

I think I’m one insanely daring daydreamer with a mission.

Follow me if you want to question everything!


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