I Can’t Take it Anymore!

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Okay, so here’s the thing. I’m persistent with my search for arguments against reincarnation. Really, I love a good debunking as much as the next person with too much free time on her hands but the problem with my over-ambitious little endeavor  is that every time I think I have found a reasonable and sane argument against REINCARNATION –SUPPOSEDLY THE MAIN TOPIC OF THE ARGUMENT– the page ALWAYS ends with Jesus’s suffering for our foul sins. I just can’t take it anymore!


This person is not as extreme as the Jesus groupie I mentioned in “What the Frig?” but that just annoys me even more. How he started out completely rational and neutral then shoved a fistful of guilt down my throat until I cried blood tears and repented for all my sins against God. I’m not even Christian for Chri-..err…Muhammad’s sake.

I’ve realized lately that my posts have not been as deep as they once were. I’d like to apologize for that and assure you that my in my next few posts, I will continue to explore reincarnation and karma as best I can but I am going to need your help. I don’t want to endlessly write about shit you won’t end up caring about. Don’t you people have questions? Topic ideas? Areas I should explore for your benefit and not just your entertainment? A lack of comments expressing your ideas and opinions is what I feel is sort of killing the blog. I need you to get in on discussions, arguments, etc and show me that you do/do not agree with what I have to say.

I’d like to thank Wajeb, Amin Abou-Ibrahim, Brandon, Omar, Tofy, Ihsan and Random Person for expressing opinions and for publicly exhibiting interest in the blog. Who Were We Anyway? couldn’t have made it this far without you. =]
And Lama for telling me about WordPress when I was ready to throw my laptop against a wall in a fit of seething rage. ❤

Sadly, I’m going to have to boycott posts until I get a response. I want some discussion topics, people! Get on it!

– The Sandman


If you’re thinking, “well, they both sound pretty similar!” then you’re a douchebag…’cause that was my idea. Just kidding. You’re still a douchebag.

I was watching something on the “incredible” history of the human race (we sure do love to kiss our own ass) and how far mankind has come in terms of technology and all that other crap that makes us oh-so superior to other species…like opposable thumbs [seriously?!]. But if you’ve read John Gray’s Straw Dogs, you’ll get a clear, blow-for-blow explanation as to why some people claim Human Progression is an illusion brought about by Christianity. Basically, we humans have a tendency to repeat the mistakes of the past over and over and over and over and over again and now with advanced technology at our side, we can f@!# up the future in a multitude of ways!

The view from Mars.

Aside from the fact that the Earth will become nothing but a big shitty hand-me-down (give or take a few decades), one theory to explain the recurrent retardation of humanity would be — yep, ya guessed it — reincarnation. Maybe, psychologically, we’re inclined to repeat the same mistakes for some weird reason but I won’t go into that debate. We don’t want to assume that reincarnation is 100% the reason we’re stupid either but let’s just think hypothetically. If souls [from the past/present] are truly incarnated time and time again over long periods of time then maybe repetition is inevitable despite our hardest efforts to change for the better. Jesus, that makes me wonder where Hitler’s soul ended up…

"I like to shed on the Jews that bought me."

It’s just a theory and by all means, I encourage the readers of this blog to give me an alternative theory that would support your respective arguments for the repetition of past mistakes. To conclude this post, I’ll leave you with a little quote:

“Reincarnation implies repetition, and it is a hideous distortion of life’s fear of change.”

Keep those comments coming in. I wanna see some more opinions.

– The Sandman

Dear Readers,

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I won’t be publishing a post today due to the fact that I have a Sociology final exam tomorrow. But cheer up! There will be a post on Wednesday. This next week will be Hell for me to even approach my own blog but I’ll do my best.

Stay awesome,

– The Sandman

You can tell from the title that this is going to be some controversial shit, right here. To any faithful Christians reading this post, I would like to apologize in advance for the argument I am supporting. But hey, it’s my territory and there’s a little concept most Christian extremists don’t/can’t grasp: freedom of speech when it comes to preaching an increasingly popular Eastern doctrine.

Today, many Westerners (including Christians) are adopting this doctrine because frankly, it’s more appealing than the ever-guilty ways of Christianity and the after-death sentences of heaven, purgatory, and hell. And, if you think about it, reincarnation just makes more sense (arguments to support that statement in just a moment) than believing everything in a book not even written by Jesus himself. The funny thing is that reincarnation is at times a recurring motif in the Bible but apparently not as much as it once was:

“Many people wonder what the Bible has to say about reincarnation. The Bible is surprisingly silent on the topic of reincarnation, neither offering support for reincarnation nor debunking it. Some people claim that this is because the passages about reincarnation were removed from the Bible. Arguments about whether the Bible supports reincarnation can be made either way.”
source: http://www.ehow.com/about_4587734_what-does-bible-say-reincarnation.html

So, if those arguments can go either way, why do the majority of Christians scoff at the idea of reincarnation? Many Christians use Hebrews 9:27 to back themselves up, stating: “Just as man is destined to die once, and after that to face judgment…”
But what about other verses from the Bible that imply a positive depiction of reincarnation?

“1) Matthew 11,14 and 17,12-13, concerning the identity of John the Baptist;
2) John 9,2, “Who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”;
3) John 3,3, “No one can see the kingdom of God unless he is born again”;
4) James 3,6, “the wheel of nature”;
5) Galatians 6,7, “A man reaps what he sows”;
6) Matthew 26,52, “all who draw the sword will die by the sword”;
7) Revelation 13,10, “If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity he will go. If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword he will be killed.””

source: http://www.comparativereligion.com/reincarnation3.html

Please tell me you can see the connections between all of these verses. I’ll take a crack at showing you anyway:

1) Explained in the main source.
2) How could the man have sinned first THEN been born blind as punishment? It probably implies that he must have sinned in his past life to have deserved his just reward.
3) People believe that in order to become more like God, the soul would have to gain experience through living more than just one life. Sounds kind of familiar, huh? *POINTS TO JOHN 3,3*
4) According to Christianity, we live once, die, have our corpses buried six feet underground while our souls sleep there, awaiting Jesus to reappear just before the world ends. What the hell happened to the “wheel of nature”?

The bike used by a true Christian to make life harder and more confusing.

5) This one is just way too easy. And karma doesn’t exist. Pfft.
6) #5 and #6 are like fraternal twins!
7) Way too complex for me to explain in simple words. You’re just going to have to look it up yourselves.

Reincarnation also explains why some people are born fortunate while others dwell miserably in their unfortunate lives (much like the man who was born blind and women born in Saudi Arabia…)

Facebook Tag must be a bitch.

…why others are born with extraordinary, innate talents that others can’t even dream of accomplishing with years of practice, and why some infants are prodigies while others are average! One soul’s experiences can vary considerably from another’s. Maybe not every talent we have is “God-given”.

James must have done something horrible because I’m NOT enjoying my current body though some aspects of my present life are wonderful. Really, it could be worse. I could have ended up an octopus or something!

Oh, wait. -.-‘

– The Sandman.

P.S. I apologize again to anyone I might have offended in this post. It really wasn’t intended but someone’s gotta do it.

I Will Come Back As…

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A freakin’ octopus?!

What could I possibly be talking about? If you must know, I actually found a website that, after asking a series of dumb-shit questions, predicts what you will be in your next life. I took the quiz and apparently in my next life I’ll be blessed with eight tentacles and the ability to shoot ink out my ass. What more could a girl want?

“Your next life shall be as…
An octopus.
Almost 45% of people will be reincarnated as a higher form of life than you.
You’re not perfect, but you’ve lead a better life than most.  With a few changes now, your next life could be even better.

I know what you’re thinking. I don’t actually believe my fate can be determined by some retarded website created by some sad person with too much free time and a pull-out couch in his/her mother’s basement. But it got me to thinking what my next life will be like and I have to say, knowing that the experiences I have undergone and have yet to go through will add to the education of the empirical soul within me is a most profound feeling. But the idea of my soul being shoved into someone’s potential calamari dinner is not exactly heartwarming.

"Oh, well. I had a good run."

Luckily, there are some people who believe reincarnation to be limited to the human race e.g. Druze. I’m not sure if I agree with this limitation since some animals have their “human” moments as well. Maybe they’re not just trying to act cute for a treat. I’m more likely to do that and hey, I’m sorta human. ^-^

Readers, if you’re looking for a good laugh, I advise you to take this messed up quiz and share your results! Let’s see who lives the worst/best case scenario in their next life.

Retardedness, this way ==> http://www.reincarnationstation.com/

– The Sandman/Possibly Former-James/Possibly Potential Octopus. -.-

It has been brought to my attention that there are some people who seem to be questioning my motive, questioning my approach to reincarnation, questioning my belief and questioning the purpose of the blog. Well, it may appear that I am trying to educate others like some holier-than-thou b@!#$ when I haven’t the experience nor the vast knowledge to do so. In reality, I am only educating myself and taking you, the readers, along for the journey. I’m not on a quest to discover some big secret truth. I’m trying to understand a philosophical concept that has only recently caught my rapt attention. I do not need others to tell me what my real aim is or should be because only I know what I am attempting to do (which is LEARN). I know you mean well but thanks, I’m aware of what I am doing.

With that out of the way, I can continue jotting down my thoughts and NOT trying to act like a pretentious little hoebag.

In earlier comments by other readers, as well as myself, we discussed what it might mean to feel heavy attraction towards a certain geographical location (for no apparent reason) or severely repulsed by people ya just met! The latter may have happened to many of you when your friend has just introduced you to someone they are fond of and yet you can’t stand the freakin’ the sight of them from the very start. There are two possible scenarios that might explain this phenomenon. One, they look like this:

"My father is also my brother."

Two, it could be for this reason:

“A person has a certain aura of energy. Some people are able to sense other people’s energy. Negative energy tends to be repulsive and positive energy tends to be attractive. And just for the record: cats and dogs possess this ability!
You get along with a person if you are tuned to his/her frequency. Some people think alike or get along pretty easily because they have the same frequency (energy) of thoughts.” – Amin Abou-Ibrahim (helpful as always =])
But for those who are a bit skeptical, like a frequent reader named Brandon (Brandoooo), you might simply suggest that it could be an ability acquired over time and through lots of experience telling people apart; the good from the not-so-good. Brandon, since you like guitars so much, Mr. Amin just gave me a possible answer to your question. He says that we are initially like out-of-tune guitars. Over time, we do as you suggested: we learn to tune ourselves to the right frequency (energy wise) and that might make you feel as though your opinions of others are changing when in fact, they are just being enhanced. You are more fortunate than those who have failed to hone their abilities in a proper way. That’s why some people just seem naive and out-of-tune while others seem super-intuitive. =P

As for highly attractive geographical locations and mythology, maybe you were a viking in one of your past lives. =P Since I am addicted to London, England and everything to do with the Victorian Era, I’m assuming I was some closeted Victorian gentleman who looked like Mr. Darcy:

*Dreamy sigh*

Hope that clarified things for you, Brando. =]

– The Sandman

Instead of having to deal with the rantings of a psychotic Bible muncher, let’s take a second to debunk reincarnation reasonably. I’ve read some pretty convincing arguments against this theory and I decided it would be alright to post a few and see what you think: (A: Argument; CA: Counter Argument)

A: There is no evidence of the “soul” even existing.
CA: Well, there is no real evidence that supports the “soul’s” nonexistence either. Why should one argument be far more dominant over the other?

A: The population has increased dramatically over a set period of time. So, are some people being born without souls?
CA: This one is a bit tricky but the problem lies in the fact that the people who use this particular argument to debunk reincarnation tend to ignore the philosophies of those who DO believe in reincarnation and therefore forget that human beings are not the only life-forms in the universe that possess energy/souls. When a human dies, the soul can enter any living creature in the universe and so a balance is possibly maintained (according to some in favor of reincarnation; there are different perspectives).

A: What is the “evolutionary advantage” of reincarnation?
CA: Whoever said anything about reincarnation contributing to evolution? In the words of Amin Abou-Ibrahim, “it is simply an act of nature” and does not constitute a part of evolution.

A: What’s the purpose of reincarnation if people don’t remember who they were in their past lives?
CA: What’s the point of believing in God if we’ve never seen Him? Alright, that was a low blow but there is some truth in it. In all seriousness though, what’s the point of remembering all the creatures you were in your past life? Some of us can’t even remember what we had for dinner last night much less who we were in the past. Time tends to be harsh on the memory but we still remember bits and pieces of the past. Why is it so hard to believe that some momentous events can be imprinted and remembered later on in the next life?

A: “Hebrews 9:27
Just as man is destined to die once and after that to face judgment.” The Bible says reincarnation doesn’t exist.
CA: NEVER USE RELIGION TO DISCREDIT A PHILOSOPHICAL THEORY. The Bible is not the answer to everything just as Science has its limitations. Reincarnation cannot be disproved and I admit, it cannot be entirely proved either. But the same goes for religion. Don’t use a subject of Faith in a matter-of-fact manner. You’ll end up looking like the person I verbally bashed in the last post.

I read somewhere that some really messed up extremists (possibly on ‘shrooms) think God put dinosaur bones into the earth to test our Faith. All I can say is that if God exists, I’m certain a being as omnipotent as He would not use that all-encompassing power of His to pull practical jokes on the human race. -.-

"Ha.Ha. Very funny, God. Ya got me"

We’re just going to have to put a big question mark on the whole religion/science clash and say that we have to stop trying to prove/disprove everything like we’re the smartest beings ever. Some things are just way beyond our comprehension.
I can’t prove that I was “James” in the past, sure. But you can’t prove that I wasn’t, so HA HA!

Stay awesome, readers.

– The  Sandman.

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