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It’s actually interesting to take aliens into account when discussing reincarnation. We don’t know and/or cannot prove they exist but I’ll ask you all to humor me anyway.

This is a response to a question that Tofy had asked in “I Can’t Take it Anymore!”, which was the following:

“Does the presence of aliens affect re-incarnation? example: maybe the world is becoming more populated, and not all people are showing signs of past lives is because they were aliens in a past life!”
Hm. Well, Tofy there’s more than one way to answer that and because I’m willing to explore this issue as much as you, I’ll take each sensible possibility into account:

1) “Does the presence of aliens affect reincarnation?”
I guess so because, as physics would have it, all life-forms possess energy that is transfered from one body to the next (as explained two posts ago). If aliens exist, then surely they too must possess energy that is capable of traveling from one host to another, given the former host can no longer support the energy.
But if you’re looking at it from a more religious angle then I would say it would still affect reincarnation to an extent in the sense that aliens would still be considered life-forms with a capacity to do good or bad (provided they are advanced life-forms as high on the incarnation ladder as humans) or it’s possible they might be considered more of a punishment species for sinners on the highest point of said ladder.

2) “example: maybe the world is becoming more populated, and not all people are showing signs of past lives is because they were aliens in a past life!”
If aliens did not have souls/energy then that could be possible but it doesn’t really make sense, does it? It would make more sense to say that perhaps people who take extreme interest in UFO sightings have some reason to support their fixation; like maybe they were an alien in their past life but are afraid to suspect it. Society plays a major role in the suppression of one’s opinions regarding a controversial topic. For example, who would you think was “crazier”? A girl who claimed to be a man in her past life or a man who claimed he was not from Earth in his? We put so many limitations on things that we begin to believe everything is almost impossible. How do you think “God” and all these different religions have been established for so long? It’s because the majority people were raised around the notion that the existence of God is very possible while it’s ridiculous to believe in the existence of other alien life-forms. It sticks after a while, you know?

And let me just say one thing: if you see reincarnation in the physical light (IRRELIGIOUS VIEWPOINT)  and that it is not just limited to humans then the “increasing population” argument can be countered easily. We all know that trees/plants in general are now scarce in some parts of the world and that some animals are nearing extinction. We’re aware of the increase in our population but we can’t put 2 and 2 together and make that connection between a decrease in plants and animals and an increase in humans?
Energy from extinct animals/cut-down trees/dead plants = removed. More humans are being born = more vessels for that energy ==> people are born with that energy. Wouldn’t it explain why some people actually TALK to their flowers while gardening??? Apparently they believe that it would ensure their happiness and in turn, help them grow…

"I just had the most intellectual conversation with the botanist!"

Hope this helped you some, Miss Bitch (that’s Tofy, for those of you who aren’t familiar with his elegant nickname).

– The Sandman